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Welcome to the Pinetown GSD Federation Club website...

First & foremost, this Club is about having fun with your dog, and the reward that comes from a happy partnership. Training is offered by dedicated, experienced members. We are a not-for-profit dog training club, promoting responsible dog ownership.

Whether you wish to participate in breed and/or the working dog disciplines, we offer weekly classes such as puppy socialization, obedience, BH, tracking, protection work, agility and ringcraft.

Each year, there are several opportunities to qualify in a particular discipline, and these events are formal Regional or National affairs hosted by a Club on behalf of the Federation. In addition, we have fun tests, events, and competitions throughout the year, with an occasional exhibition by an outside expert (tracking, protection, etc).

The Club is a registered member of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of Southern Africa and the largest in KwaZulu-Natal. The Federation was formed in 1984 the Federation is the main body responsible for the German Shepherd Dog Breed in SA.

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